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Megaships, Megadecks, Mega Weird

Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 9:48pm by Kilena Keithron & Valdana 'Dan' Raadax & Spencer Gustaffson & Ellie Evans & Julian Blackford & Keon Seong & Jamie Bullock

1,290 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: The Secret of Corvus
Location: Astro Megaship, Mark 3
Timeline: 1900 Hours, December 13th 2050

This Astro Megaship was built to be a self-sufficient mobile base for Power Rangers in space. It wasn't the floating museum that was in the history books, but rather a working, living ship. Training areas, a recreation deck, even a kitchen and mess - even weapons. It was all there, right along with their quarters. It was an amazing vessel, and there was a lot yet to be discovered about it.

Spencer had been working with Keon on the forward base in the haunted house in Angel Grove over the last two months, and had focused a lot of his time not spent otherwise involved with training or GPF duties on that. As a result, he hadn't had much time to explore this massive vessel. Really, all he knew for certain was the path from the airlock to his quarters, and from there to the Bridge. This wasn't a familiar place to him yet, and he felt more at home in an old abandoned house than he did aboard this sleek and powerful ship. But somehow, he had a feeling that they would need to know the ship through and through to be able to stand up to the Imperium.

It was just getting into evening; but there was a stirring in the base that indicated there would be something happening soon. Walking aboard the Megaship in its docking bay, Spencer didn't really know what was going on, so he started wandering, looking around for the other Rangers as he started heading in a different direction than he'd ever taken before.

Kilena stood amidst the cargo of the docking bay, her uniform rumpled and her demeanour alert. Her final duty walk-through was meant to be routine, a final sweep to ensure everything was in order before her shift ended but there she was trying to work out what was leaking out of the stores. As she meticulously checked the cargo manifests and double-checked the security protocols, she couldn't help but notice the man approaching her.

"What can I do for you?" she inquired, her voice filled with a subtle blend of warmth and confusion. She had not seen him anywhere other than the corridor where their rooms were and the bridge.

Spencer smirked at Kilena. "That's a dangerous question. But in all seriousness, is there a map of this place? I figure that if we're supposed to use this as a base of some kind, we should all know as much as we can about it. Which means I should figure out where things are."

“Well it is our base and you can go to any terminal outside mega lift to work out where you are and what else is around you.” She assured putting done her work to show him.

Spencer shrugged, looking at the terminal. "Well, that is helpful. Still, I've always been a 'learn-by-doing' type; I'll remember it better if I see it in person."

“Come on let’s see who else is around.” She promoted thinking they might as well as explore seeing he was venturing out of his room.

"Oh!" Ellie almost bumped straight into Kilena in the doorway. "Sorry, were we supposed to be meeting now? I think I got lost and ended up in some room with lots of buttons. I promise I didn't press anything..."

Kilena winced at the contact but said nothing negative as she surveyed the woman. “No I have only just finished my shift.”
She indicated back to the spotless cargo bag and the tablet she held up.

As the others were talking, a soft beep could have been heard from down the hall, getting louder with each passing second. Soon, Keon appeared, wearing a sleek, black pair of sunglasses and toting around a small, rectangular device that emitted the earlier mentioned electronic beeping. His brow rose as he saw the gathered group; while they were not what he was looking for, at least they were friendly. He waved quietly, picking his pace up till he was only a few paces away. "We all really have to quit meeting like this."

Julian walked through the hallways of the ship, hands shoved in his pockets, looking around awkwardly. He still wasn't sure what he was actually doing here, and was pretty sure it was obvious to everyone that he passed. If this was a was a Where's Wally book, he would stick out like a sore thumb.

As he came down, he saw a group of people congregating. Biting his lip, he let out a sign, before slowly approaching. "Hey." He said, waving as he did.

Kilena took pity on the man newly released from sickbay and sent off with them on a mission. No one as of yet had gotten to really know him. “Hey, Julian.” She offered softly.

As the group seemed to be coalescing, Spencer nodded to each of them in time. What Ellie talked about sounded interesting - like something they would need to know about sooner rather than later. He smirked at Keon with a light chuckle. Soon, he saw the new guy - he hadn't known the man's name until Kilena had mentioned it. "Keon, Julian. Good to see you, I was kind of exploring around here." He turned to Ellie. "Where was that stuff? And, do you have any idea what kind of buttons?"

"The kind of buttons we do not press," Kilena said with a roll of her eyes despite knowing deep down he was just trying to get a rise out of her. She seemed to be the only one taking it seriously which grated on her nerves and made her think back to when she had first become a ranger.

"What she said," Ellie said, pointing at Kilena. "I used to work in a kitchen; I know way better than to start messing with things on a spaceship."

"Unless it's clearly marked," Keon started, pocketing the device, "Why not press it? Usually the ones that are a little bigger and marked proper are the ones that blow things up or cause problems. Besides, making a few controlled mistakes is a good for learning."

Kilena just shook her head. "Please just don't press anything if you do not know." She encouraged them before deciding. "You all need to join the tour." She decided.

Spencer smiled at Kilena with a serious nod. He wasn't planning on pressing anything he didn't know about; or anything he didn't have a strong feeling about. This ship still felt a little uncomfortable to him, and given his parents' history, that should have made sense to Kilena - especially if her psychic power had gotten into him at all, or she'd read any part of his file. He was making a conscious effort to 'lighten up', though may have taken it a bit too far in Damien's direction. His tone returned a bit closer to normal. "Agreed. Let's start to figure this ship out. I'm getting curious, now. Strike while the iron's hot, so to speak." He looked at the map on the wall, and toward where Ellie had come from, trying to find this 'room of buttons' she'd talked about; but the MSD was Greek to him, since the only engineering knowledge he had was in weapons.

"For sure. The only two times I went into space were as an inadvertent stowaway and the other was piloting a Zord. This feels a little more...normal? Is that allowed when it comes to spaceflight?" Ellie asked.

“Completely. Come on I’ll show you this new and exciting world.” The pink ranger declared pretty proud that she knew how to do a lot of the duties onboard already. The Earthlings will learn she was sure of it.



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