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Spencer Gustaffson

Name Spencer Gustaffson

Position Blue Ranger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 200
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Above average in height, muscular build.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Richard Gustaffson
Mother Mira Moore
Other Family William & Delilah Handy - Adoptive parents
Calvin & Wilhelmina Moore - Maternal grandparents
Olav Gustaffson - Paternal grandfather

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spencer is a capable, reliable, and loyal person. His only challenge is in trusting new people - but once he's determined to trust anyone, he's loyal to them for life. As a Ranger, he's bound to be the reliable heart of the team, the pivot on which others can turn - hence his affinity to the Blue part of the Morphin' Spectrum. In a fight, expect him to be in the center, scrapping it out with whoever needs to be defeated, and ensuring that his teammates have the cover they need.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Being physically skilled, Spence has found himself regularly drawn to boxing and other combat sports. Before and as part of the Academy, he's become an expert in various hand weapons from all over the world - from something as simple as the Roman cestus, the Indian pata, and Japanese weapons like tiger claws and the tekko (iron fist), and Chinese deer horn knives.

Additionally, due to being so often labelled "the reliable one", Spencer has had to learn to listen, and to offer constructive advice.


Spencer doesn't trust easily, and has challenges following the orders of those he does not trust.

Spencer is okay when following instructions to repair machines, but isn't a gadgeteer by any means.
Equipment Civilian: Various working replica hand weapons, an ebook reader, pictures of his family.

Ranger: Morphing device, uniform, and weapon.
Hobbies & Interests Combat sports and exotic weapons, board games, fantasy novels.

Personal History Spence's parents were members of the Alliance Space Force - they met while in the service. Less than a year after his birth, Spence was let with some of his mother's friends for "babysitting" - this became permanent when the ship that Richard and Mira were aboard had a catastrophic accident. No one has been able to confirm whether or not there was any foul play; the investigation is still ongoing nearly two decades later.

Still, Spence grew up with a loving family, and the Handys made sure that he remained in touch with his birth family. He was too young to remember his parents, and so has a lot less guilt or grief over being adopted than those who'd been adopted older. His parents made sure he had every possible opportunity, and with his combination of intelligence and athletic aptitude, he was able to easily get into the Academy.

His interest in the weapons which have been developed for the Solar Ranger team made him a natural pick.
Service Record 2248 - Joined the Academy
2250 - Selected to become the Blue Solar Ranger