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Kilena Keithron

Name Kilena Keithron

Position Pink Ranger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Kerovian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kilena is on the short side but the way she carries her self more than makes up for it. She is proud of who she is even if she is mocked for being short. Her hair is long and dark. While it is typically pulled back when she is at work it is typically found draped around her shoulders when she is off the clock and relaxing. She has a pale complexion and claims that she does not tan at all. She wears dark clothing to give her young appearance an edge.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Kilena is a bit of a spitfire. She has a tendency to go for what she wants even if she knows she shouldn't. She tends to be a little sassy when she feels uncomfortable, but typically she tries her best to like everyone. Deep down she wants to be accepted and be among people who understand her. She will do anything to protect those share cares about.

Personal History Kilena was born on the planet KO-35, located in a far-off corner of the galaxy only fifty years after the exodus. Growing up, Kilena always had a fascination with the power rangers thanks to her parents but as she grew that fascination turned to Galactic Patrol Force, who were responsible for maintaining order and protecting the citizens of her planet as rangers were outlawed.

Despite the fact that law enforcement was a male-dominated field on KO-35, Kilena never let that discourage her from pursuing her dream of becoming a Galactic Patrol Force officer. She worked hard in school and then college, excelling in subjects such as physical training, self-defense, and tactics, which she knew would be essential in her future career.

After graduating from college, Kilena applied to the KO-35 Galactic Patrol Force Academy. Despite facing scepticism and ridicule from some of her male classmates Kilena never wavered in her determination to become a GPF officer. She applied and won a place on Earth at the Academy.