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Keon Seong

Name Keon Seong

Position Cyan Ranger

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 173 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Keon keeps a clean-cut appearance, with hair cut short and matching shaven face. He keeps fit, but tends to wear layers to keep himself from standing out. Everything is in cool tones, and he prefers jeans, plain shirts, and hoodies. What does stand out is the light blue scarf/bandana he tends to wear (season willing).


Father Nam-Gil Seong
Mother Yujin Seong

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keon is a quiet people watcher. He tends to keep himself, preferring to sit back and let others do most of the talking and acting. When he does speak, it is either in a cool, regulated manner, or excitedly, especially when he's speaking on subjects he is passionate about.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Quiet
+ Patient
+ Observant
+ Analytical

- Hesitant
- Not Great at Picking Up Social Cues
- Fixated on the Paranormal
- Tends toward Tactless thought
Equipment Ursa Minor Crystal
Hobbies & Interests - Folklore and Mythology
- Paranormal Studies
- Technological Advancements
- Music of All Kinds

Personal History Keon was born an only child to two lovingly traditionalist parents in a small town in South Korea. Growing up, he was surrounded by tales of folklore and the supernatural, both of his own native lands and that of others around the globe, which fueled his desires to dive deeper into the scientific pursuit of the paranormal. But, in order to keep his parents appeased, Keon would go on to study engineering in his school years.

During his studies in university, Keon would regularly spend most of his free time between constructing devices that would sense and prove a need to investigate the paranormal and researching said paranormal entities in the general area. His research caught the eye of one of the professors, who shared similar interests, who would go on to offer him a job as a tech consultant for his small paranormal investigation team upon graduation. Excited at the prospect of working in the field he has more interest in, Keon accepted the offer.

As a consultant, Keon’s role in the team was far removed from their adventures. He would spend most of his time assisting in development of new paranormal technologies, troubleshooting remotely. It would not be until after his graduation, where he earned a dual parapsychology and engineering technology degree that he was granted a full time status into the team. To this day, he spends all his time traveling around the world with the team.