The Solar Force Rangers have spent the three months since receiving their powers leading the Galactic Patrol Force’s battle against the Kaldor Imperium. The war is going well for the GPF, even if the Rangers ability to work together is much more strenuous.

However, recent intelligence from the covert operations branch of the GPF have presented a concerning bit of information. The Imperium have allied with a shadowy figure known as the Arbiter. Little is known about him, only that he controls an ancient evil.

The Cult of Zedd. A movement dedicated to restoring Lord Zedd, an evil despot thought purified 50 years ago by the Zordon Wave. If the cult’s beliefs are true, then when Zedd was purified, his evil essence was so powerful that even the power of the Zordon Wave could eradicate it, and Zedd was trapped in a time warp akin to Zordon. The Arbiter and the cult wish to free him from that time warp, and if they succeed and the Imperium are able to ally with Zedd, no one, not even the Power Rangers, can stand in their way.

However, this is not their only concern. A prophecy comes to light.

When brothers rival and a warrior falls, the dark one shall arise, and with his arrival, the end must come.

Now, the Rangers must face the battle to end all battles. One that will rage across space, time and realities. The question is which side will triumph and who shall be destroyed?

Solar Force: A Power Rangers Simulation is an Obsidian Fleet Simulation

RPG Rating 2 1 2

Solar Force: A Power Rangers Simulation operates a 212 rating. See section 2 of rules for details.

Latest Mission Posts

» The Bro Moment

Mission: The Invasion
Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2023 @ 12:39am by Spencer Gustaffson & Keon Seong

With the dust settling at what would be their new 'home base,' Keon needed his time. Going from full-time ghost hunter to full-time monster fighter was a lot to process for someone who had little training, little experience, and a pile of gadgets and gizmos that would serve little purpose…

» Briefing

Mission: The Secret of Corvus
Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 9:48pm by Kilena Keithron & Valdana 'Dan' Raadax & Damien McGinnis & Spencer Gustaffson & Ellie Evans & Julian Blackford & Keon Seong

Valdana stood perplexed at the helm of the Astro Mega Ship, her eyes tracing the familiar consoles once more. The ship possessed the astounding capability of interstellar travel at incredible speeds, a technological marvel that allowed the Power Rangers to traverse the cosmos and confront villains across galaxies. Yet, for…

» Megaships, Megadecks, Mega Weird

Mission: The Secret of Corvus
Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 9:48pm by Kilena Keithron & Valdana 'Dan' Raadax & Spencer Gustaffson & Ellie Evans & Julian Blackford & Keon Seong & Jamie Bullock

This Astro Megaship was built to be a self-sufficient mobile base for Power Rangers in space. It wasn't the floating museum that was in the history books, but rather a working, living ship. Training areas, a recreation deck, even a kitchen and mess - even weapons. It was all there,…

» Reset And Repeat

Mission: The Invasion
Posted on Thu Oct 26th, 2023 @ 9:29pm by Lunandria & Kayge

Luna glided through the dimly lit corridors of the spaceship, her steps silent against the smooth metallic floor. The soft hum of the ship's engines echoed in the background, creating a serene ambience that enveloped her as she ventured deeper into the vessel.

Outside, the vast expanse of the cosmos…

» Ladies Who Lunch

Mission: The Invasion
Posted on Sun Oct 15th, 2023 @ 8:42pm by Kilena Keithron & Valdana 'Dan' Raadax & Ellie Evans

In the few days that had passed since the chaos of returning to Earth, it had been hard to find a moment to just pause and enjoy some of the simpler things. For Ellie, her natural comfort zone had led her back to the kitchen. Despite being a Ranger now,…