Last Reviewed: 27/03/2023

The following rules apply:

Section 1: Fleet Rules

1. Please follow all Obsidian Fleet rules and guidelines. They can be found here.

1A. Please note the Obsidian Fleet handbook also applies. It can be found here.

Section 2: Sim Rating

2. Solar Force: A Power Rangers Simulation operates a 212 rating as per and in accordance with the OF handbook. This puts the following restrictions into effect.

2A. Swearing is permitted, with some limitations.

2B. Mild sexual innuendo and references are permitted.

2C. Sexual content is not permitted.

2D. Violence is permitted, with some limitations.

Section 3: Conduct and Disputes

3. Treat all players with respect.

3A. Do not hijack other player's characters (both PC and NPC). This is a strikable offence dependant on circumstances.

3B. All disputes will be mediated by the Sim Manager and a Designated Deputy, except in instances where the Sim Manager is involved, in which case a Secondary Deputy will take the place of the party involved. This group will henceforth be known as the admin team.

3C. In the event both the Sim Manager and Deputy are involved in a dispute, external mediation may be sought from OF Task Force Command Staff.

3D. Any players found to be abusive to other players can and will be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to strikes and/or removal from the sim.

3E. Any new player is placed on a 3 month probation period. Any misconduct during this time will result in removal.

3F. Any player's probation may be extended by up to six months by the GM team for any reason.

Section 4: Activity

4. Inactivity without communication for 7 days will result in a strike.

4A. Inactivity for 21 days will result in removal from the sim unless on LOA.

4B. Inactivity is defined here as not tagging or posting. Simply logging in is not activity.

4C. Minimum tagging limits are in effect. As of the most recent rule review (27/03/2023), this is set at one every four days. Preferred tagging time is 48 Hours.

4D. Regarding all above rules in section 3, they may be countermanded provided a member of the admin team, preferably the Sim Manager, is made aware that tags will not be reached in the above time frames.

4E. All above rules in section 4 do not apply in the instance of a player being on LOA or ELOA.

4F. In the event a player is inactive for a prolonged period, they may be placed onto LOA for a predetermined amount of time by the admin team. This timeframe is subject to negotiation.

Section 5: Quality Control

5. All posts must be properly checked for spelling and grammar. Failure to do so will result in the post being bounced back to saved status for revision.

5A. Repeated attempts to post the same item without proper checks, in accordance with rule 5, will result in the item's deletion.

5B. Multiple infractions of rules 5 or 5A may, subject to the admin team's discretion, result in strikes or other disciplinary measures.

Section 6: Post Counts

6. Minimum word count of 500 words per Single Post applies.

6A. In the case of Joint Posts, the minimum word count will be 500 words multiplied by the number of players in the post. For example, if four players are in a post, that is 500 words times 4 players, meaning the minimum word count for the post will be 2000 words.

6B. In regards to rule 6A, the total word count takes precedent over the word count per player. This is what will be checked.

6C. Posts will be spot checked for compliance with the rules by members of the admin team.

6D. Multiple infractions may result in strikes and removal from the sim.

Section 7: Disciplinary Action

7. If any player gets three strikes, they will be removed from the sim.

7A. Strikes will be removed from a players record after three months, provided they have not got any more strikes against them in this time.

Section 8: Rule Reviews

8. These rules will be reviewed at least once every twelve months.

8A. The Admin Team reserve the right to change these rules without notice at any time.


-Updated terminology from "management team" to "admin team"
-Changed minimum tagging frequency from 7 days to 4.
-Removed minimum solo post requirement.
-Amended the preferred point of contact for inactivity to explicitly the sim manager.
-Added a section to rules for dealing with long term inactivity.
-Changed minimum review timeframe from 3 months to 12.
-Added changelog.