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Name Lunandria

Position Kaldor General

Character Information

Gender Female

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

Personal History Lunandria's story begins in a time long forgotten, shrouded in mystery and lost to the annals of history. In a remote and ancient civilization, where magic and technology intertwined, Lunandria was a remarkable woman whose life was destined for greatness.

In the year 2030, a team of archaeologists stumbled upon an extraordinary discovery in a hidden chamber deep within a labyrinthine ruin. Encased within a mesmerizing crystal, they found a woman with a delicate and ethereal appearance. The crystal seemed to emit a mysterious energy, captivating the attention of all who beheld it. The archaeologists marveled at the woman's beauty and recognized the significance of their find, believing her to be an extraordinary artifact from a bygone era.

News of the crystal-encased woman spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of various organizations and collectors with a keen interest in the arcane and the unknown. One such organization was the Kaldor Imperium, a powerful and influential entity known for its pursuit of ancient relics and artifacts. They saw Lunandria as a rare treasure and, driven by their insatiable thirst for power, they orchestrated an audacious heist to claim her for themselves.

Under the cover of darkness, the Kaldor Imperium infiltrated the archaeological site, overpowering the security and making off with the crystal-encased Lunandria. The woman was stolen away, her fate left in the hands of an organization driven by its own sinister agenda.

The Kaldor Imperium took Lunandria to their secret facility, where their most skilled scientists and mages worked tirelessly to free her from the crystal's enchantment. After months of meticulous research and experimentation, they managed to break the crystal's hold, setting Lunandria free. However, in the process, her memories were lost, leaving her in a state of confusion and uncertainty about her true identity.